And it continues

Maybe you’ve read the posts from a little while ago here and here, about different people who have decided to follow Jesus in a village not far from us. Well, it continues…

A little over a week ago I took Jonno (our team leader) out to meet my friend Bob* (not his real name). The plan was for him to meet Bob and just spent some time with the guy who is a new believer. After greeting him and others in his yard it was clear that he had other ideas of what we should do with our time that day. He beckoned is to a bench under a tree where a group of people quickly formed. We were told that these people wanted to hear the stories of Jesus and to follow him. We were certainly not prepared for that!

We spent some time telling some stories and discussing who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. All the while Bob was also explaining with us. At the end of this time most of the group declared that they indeed wanted to follow the path of Isa (Jesus). We prayed together and left a little dazed but amazed at what God is doing in Bobs village.

Please pray for Bob as he leads his village and continues to share the stories of Jesus.

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