The Waiting Game

We have been following world COVID events with interest over the last few months – as have you all I sure! Is there any other choice? Although I have noticed that my interest has started to drop off over the last few weeks. It has me wondering why? Why, because where we live in Mozambique COVID-19 is probably ready to ramp up. It seems Africa is about 2 months behind most of the rest of the world. So while we follow Australian news and social media we live in Mozambique. Our Australian brain therefore feels like in many respects that the foot can come off there pedal – we’ve flattened the curve baby! Except we haven’t. You in Australia (or other places… maybe) have isolated well and flattened the curve – our work is still ahead of us.

So we wait. Wondering when it will come and what will happen. What will the Govt response be and will it work? Will the carnage be as bad as we think it could be or will God be merciful and through some miracle spare our little corner of the world? Thats what we’re praying for.

We are into our second month of state of emergency. In practice this means closed international borders and restrictions on public gatherings. For us it means no orthodontic trips to Malawi for Jack and no associated shopping for little luxuries in Malawi. Lots of zoom meetings in place of normal team meetings and a few extra meeting thrown in to make sure we are prepared for any special COVID-19 issues that we can plan for.

It also means a cut back on official meetings in the village such as story telling groups. We are still actively involved in village life, visiting and being visited although life has dropped in intensity a little as we travel less and stick closer to home.

So we continue to wait for what may come. We continue to warn of friends of what is possible and what the few things we can do to reduce the risk. And we keep praying for a miracle that our warnings will make us look foolish in the future.

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  1. We know you will look compassionate, loving, genuine. And yes you can will look foolish if that means Massangulo is spared! God bless.

    Love Sally & Greg Davis


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