The God who sees

Last Saturday morning, a stinking hot day here, I heard a motorbike arrive at our house. Excited at the thought of random visitors, I went outside to see who it was. Baba Nikiss was outside with Cam just quickly returning a driver he’d borrowed the day before. I sat down and greeted and chatted for just a few minutes before he said he was going. I must have looked a bit sad because he said to me, “Ana Mama, akulaga dipowo?” (Are you feeling lonely? Or more directly are you suffering from loneliness?) I said I was – I’d heard his motorbike, was excited to have visitors and felt sad he was leaving so soon. I don’t know if he made some calls? Or perhaps God just saw me.

The very next day my long time friend Ania sent me a message asking if she could come out and visit on Monday. She came out on the mini bus and arrived jus before lunch on Monday. She only stayed til Tuesday but we had such a lovely time and I felt so encouraged. Ania used to teach me Ciyawo way back when we lived in Lichinga. We joined up with Adija (my current teacher) and went on an excursion to what we affectionately refer to as “Catholic World.” A little like Adventure World but it’s free and perhaps not quite as exciting.

The padre at the Catholic Church here in Massangulo has transformed an area on the other side of our mountain into an outdoor cathedral / space for reflection and meditation. It’s really quite mind blowing. We had a wonderful time exploring all of the different spaces and marvelling at the incredible vision and hard work that had been put into to making such a beautiful site in the middle of nowhere.

The following day, we sat and ate breakfast on the verandah. The kids always laugh when we have guests for breakfast. Most days we all eat at different times / don’t eat at all so to sit down together is quite the novelty. Just as we started to eat, more visitors arrived on a motorbike! A long time friend from Lichinga and his mate had come out to drop off some documents so they joined in the breakfast party! We had a really lovely time catching up. My heart was full.

I guess we all need to be seen and known. I love that story of Hagar and the way in which she calls God the God who sees her. My special visits felt just like that.

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