Farm Update March 2022

After a slow start to the season and a drier January than usual, Northern Mozambique has had a good Feb and start to March. Unfortunately our rain this last week has come on the tail of a cyclone that hit the coast and wreaked havoc to one of our favourite part of Mozambique - Ilha... Continue Reading →

On Agricola

One of our favourite things to do with some of our Ex-pat friends here is to have marathon board game sessions. We’ve been through all the classic games. Ticket to ride, Settlers of Catan, Azul, 7 Wonders and our latest obsession, Terraforming Mars. There is one game though, that we have banned. That game is... Continue Reading →

The Waiting Game

We have been following world COVID events with interest over the last few months - as have you all I sure! Is there any other choice? Although I have noticed that my interest has started to drop off over the last few weeks. It has me wondering why? Why, because where we live in Mozambique... Continue Reading →

Video Friday: Bean Time

February, in our neck of the woods, is known as hungry season. Most people have run out of food stored from the last harvest and they are desperately waiting for some maize to be ready to eat fresh, and some beans to harvest. Prices for maize skyrockets and people are generally getting by on not... Continue Reading →

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