Building a House

You may have heard that Sally Pim is now living and working with us in Massangulo. Currently she is living in our little guesthouse, but as Sally being here is a long term plan we have started building her her own house! Last week we started ground works and today we've started the concrete footings.... Continue Reading →

Random Photo Catchup

It's been a while since I have blogged anything, and as I was looking through my photos from the last few months I realised theres many stories there, plus a few good shots! September is the month of initiations. For Boys it's a month long camp away from the village learning about what it is... Continue Reading →

Video Friday: Deep Yawo

At one point today I had to pinched myself, as there I was in the bush involved in a deep Yawo ritual. Who gets to see this stuff? No pre-packaged-off-the-beaten-track tour will get you these type of experiences. ¬†They only come with time and relationship. It was the day where a group of young girls... Continue Reading →

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