Are we getting close?

"Pewandicile?" (Are we getting close?) He just laughed in reply. It was then that I knew I was in trouble. Having lived here 10 years now, I should know better than to believe someone when they tell me that there is a good road out to their sister's farm in the middle of the bush.... Continue Reading →

Shifting perspective

I didn't want to do a language lesson this morning. They start at 7am (my choice) and I'd say on average about 60% of the time I'm really not loving the idea of sitting down and struggling with Ciyawo for a few hours. I almost always do it anyway, because even worse than sitting down... Continue Reading →

Bola une

I've been heading out each week to visit my mate who had a stroke about 6 months ago. He still can't walk but he can sit well, stand up with people helping him and he's pretty switched on still and can communicate well. His whole family has moved from their house in the village to... Continue Reading →

The God who sees

Last Saturday morning, a stinking hot day here, I heard a motorbike arrive at our house. Excited at the thought of random visitors, I went outside to see who it was. Baba Nikiss was outside with Cam just quickly returning a driver he'd borrowed the day before. I sat down and greeted and chatted for... Continue Reading →

A bed under the stars

I knew straight up it was going to be one of those days. I don’t know how, but some days just have a weird vibe about them and I find myself feeling more flustered than I would normally, less able to focus, pulled in too many different directions. The day didn’t start out badly, quite... Continue Reading →


A few days ago my sister wrote a story about a feeling of overwhelming loneliness, an encounter with an old man, a story shared, empathy and encouragement. It was sweet and it touched people and in the comments there was talk of tears, angels, sensitivity, blessing and all things beautiful. But I got stuck in... Continue Reading →

Your visa has expired!

Every now and then, back in Mozambique, we help get some of our friends access to medical care across the border in Malawi. There’s one hospital in particular about 20km from the border post where they have a new digital xray machine (granted it only works at certain hours of the day when the power... Continue Reading →

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