Thanks heaps for praying for our DIRE renewals. It only took 5 hours of waiting, two trips back to the Goods to get more documents (including 102 pages of statutes - 1 copy of the entire 17 page document for each file - that they have never asked for before?!? - and changing two words... Continue Reading →

May Missions Month

May Missions Month is coming up very soon and as always, Global Interaction has put together some great resources for you to use in your church, small group or just by yourself. We'll be sending out an update video in the next week or so that you can share with your church or home group... Continue Reading →

The judge

It was 11pm, the day after we arrived in Massangulo. I sat perched on the edge of a small bed in the room of our best friends here. We had been called to say our friend was really sick but by the time we arrived, he had already passed. I sat there aware of the... Continue Reading →

Hitchhiking Grandmas

Last week, I drove to Lichinga on Friday. I went by myself to do some shopping, spend some time with my adopted family (the mum & baby of my friend who died last year) and pick up Sally to bring her out for a weekend in Massangulo. The road from our place to Lichinga is... Continue Reading →

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