As promised, here’s an amazing story of hope and healing. I’ve really written it for myself. It’s super long and full of lots of mundane details. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, the beauty is often in the mundane details. If you do want to read it all, you are very welcome! And please... Continue Reading →

Bushfire season

It's taken me quite a while to really let it sink in that bushfires in Massangulo are nothing like bushfires in Australia. The noise is impressive and every now and then the flames are spectacular but they move quite slowly - there just isn't enough fuel to really get them going. Even on a windy... Continue Reading →

Monday Adventures

One of the best things about having Sally here in Massangulo (there are many) is that she's pretty much always willing to join me on my somewhat crazy and often overly ambitious adventures. As we were driving home from Lichinga on Sunday evening, I asked her if she would like to join me for a... Continue Reading →

Friday Funeral Part 2

Maybe I'm becoming more Yawo than I realise. The 40 or so days after someone's death are considered an official mourning period. Any family or village decisions that need to be made relating to the person who has died  are put off until after the sadaka (remembrance gathering) on the 40th day after the funeral.... Continue Reading →


Thanks heaps for praying for our DIRE renewals. It only took 5 hours of waiting, two trips back to the Goods to get more documents (including 102 pages of statutes - 1 copy of the entire 17 page document for each file - that they have never asked for before?!? - and changing two words... Continue Reading →

May Missions Month

May Missions Month is coming up very soon and as always, Global Interaction has put together some great resources for you to use in your church, small group or just by yourself. We'll be sending out an update video in the next week or so that you can share with your church or home group... Continue Reading →

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