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September 2015

We’ve been back in Perth for over two months now! We’re hoping to increase our financial support over the next few months so that we can head back to Mozambique in January of 2016. When we get back there, we’ll be moving out of Lichinga (the state capital) to a village about 90km away called Massangulo. We’re really excited about getting back and stuck back into language learning and meeting all of our new neighbours. If you’re new to the website, here’s a little bit about us…

Cam grew up in Gnowangerup in WA then moved to Perth and studied Agriculture, did a PhD in plant breeding and spent a number of years working with a great WA company – Canola Breeders.

I grew up in Yallingup then moved to Perth and studied Physic and did a bit of  postgrad study in International Health.

Cam and I met when we were both studying. Before our final year of uni we came to Malawi on a short term mission trip with a bunch of great friends from church. We returned a few years later… after getting married and buying a house, getting a dog, cat and having our first baby. We visited Malawi and Mozambique when Jack was just 1 1/2 but decided after that trip that cross cultural work wasn’t for us. It seems God had other ideas.

After a couple more additions to our little family, we applied to work with Global Interaction in Mozambique in 2010, were accepted and start the process of building a team of supporters and training to come here.

At the moment, both Cam and I (Kath) spend most of our time learning Chiyawo and all about Yawo culture – the people group we are working with.

In addition to language study, we keep pretty busy taking care of and doing school with our three kids – Jack, Matilda and Sydney.

Jack is 9 and in Year 4. He’s a super intelligent, caring, funny, outgoing kid.

Tilly is 7 and in Year 2. Tilly loves to draw – mostly horses! She’s such a character, loves all things beautiful and giving gifts.

Sydney is 4 is in Kindy! She is a cheeky, funny, ball of energy who fills our lives with joy every day.

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