Hitting Home

I don’t know if it’s just the hormones and sleep deprivation but the last week or so has got me realising that we’re going to miss out on so many things. Sounds silly I know, you’d think I would have already thought more about this. But I am such a practical, “get on with things” person that the thought of packing up the family and moving to the middle of no where hasn’t really fazed me much yet. But then Sydney arrived…

When we got home from hospital, I introduced her to our crazy, beautiful, massive, scary looking dog Dozer and said “Look Sydney, this is Dozer, you will love him!” And then I realised, by the time she’s old enough to chase him around and jump on him and love him, we won’t be here anymore.

The we went to visit my beautiful sister and brand new niece & Sydney’s “twin” cousin. And we were talking about how they will be such good friends and then it struck me, that they won’t grow up together.

And then, I was talking to Jack’s old teacher about Matilda and Kindy and how much she would LOVE it – but we won’t be here and she’ll be stuck with me for a teacher.

And how Jack is going to miss all his awesome mates from school and church.

And how I wouldn’t have survived the last couple of weeks without 3 awesome sisters and my Mum and Dad and Mum & Dad-in-law and awesome friends who have made dinners, cleaned my house, picked up Jack from school, kept me sane and bought me presents. And they’re not going to be just 5 minutes down the road anymore.

And how Cam is really awesome at his job and they won’t be able to find anyone who knows what he knows and he loves it.

So even though I do want to go and I know it’s what we’re meant to be doing… I don’t want to leave.

Anyway – time to take Yvette’s advice and not think about it for a few weeks.

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