Posted by Cam

Kath knows me pretty well.  Better than I know me sometimes.  She especially knows when I’m stressed and this is something I dont pick up on well.  So last week she picked up I was stressed… in hindsight it could have had something to do with me being irritable, tired, short, distant… anyway she knows.  So in her wisdom, and infinite generosity, suggested that I go away for the weekend, just me!  Its not like it would be hard for her – 3 kids with one being 6 weeks old…

So off I went to Dunsborough.  Best. Weekend. Ever.

Just played guitar, sat on beaches, watched footy, ate nuts… great!  So much freedom, quiet, so easy to go places by yourself and so much freedom!  Good times to veg out and to contemplate.  Spent some quality time perched up in the dunes on Yallingup beach on Sunday morning – one of the best places in the world!

And a song popped out here (as well as another the day before).  Its rough, really rough, but its here as a record of the day if you would like to hear.

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