Keeping it real

I was chatting with friends today about telling things like they really are. It’s something I’ve been trying to do more of lately… it’s great (albeit a little exhausting). This Sunday just gone we had the most amazing time at church with a bit of a farewell / commissioning service organised by some awesome friends! We decided that it would be a good idea to not have the kids on the stage for the bit where all the adults are talking and praying. We did this for a couple of reasons… The first being that once, when we were interviewed as a family on stage in front of about 500 people, Matilda spent the whole time crawling around pretending she was a cat – complete with miaowing and curling herself between my legs.  The second being that Jack doesn’t really like all the attention and the thought of leaving all his friends is making him a bit sad. And when he gets sad, he gets angry… I figured it wouldn’t look so good if he stormed off the stage or started punching me mid-prayer.

Just in case you’re not convinced… here are some photos that you don’t normally get to see. Oh, and for anyone there on Sunday, I had to pay Jack to help me make that video – $1 a minute!



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  1. It has just dawned on me that I won’t see you to say goodbye before you go as we will only overlap in Perth by a few hours! So this is it… know we will be praying for you and promise to keep in touch. Hope the drive up from Jo’burg is awesome and the kids are little angels (don’t forget some story CDs for the car!). Look forward to following your progress on your blob. Hugs, Heather

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