Adventures with the Beecks – Part 2

I really like the idea of writing things off line and then posting them a day or so later… when I’ve had a chance to cool down or cheer up. I wrote something a little while back that was just so “Woe is me” I felt like giving myself a good kick up the bum. Thankfully, the internet wasn’t working so it never saw the light of day.

So reading back through this article “Adventures with the Beecks” I wrote for Resonate kinda makes me cringe a little. As anyone who knows me well will testify, I don’t really like sharing the struggles… I usually keep them to myself. I’m happier talking about them once they’re done and dusted, not when they’re raw and hurting.

Then again, I guess it’s not so bad with the whole delay in publishing thing that happens. Oh bum… I was just going to say I haven’t cried in like over a week but that would be a big fat lie. I cried this morning – but about something else. I haven’t cried about stuff to do solely with living here for ages now!

Happy reading!

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