Simple activities become public events

The novelty of us being out and about in the community still hasn’t worn off.  Simple activities like going to the markets or taking a walk through the village can often attract a following of kids or teenagers.

Last week I decided to go to one of the local spots for a hair cut. It’s really just a guy with some clippers who makes your hair shorter – I guess thats the definition of a haircut except after having one here you realise that the guys in Australia are quite skilled! In all fairness the guy I went to started well, the main issue was that the power cut out half way through… so that was the end of the process… half done hair cuts are never a good time to stop!

The idea that I was there getting my haircut was enough to attract a good size group to see the white guy sitting in  the chair chatting in ChiYawo with the barber…  not something you see everyday in downtown Massangulo.


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