Again again…

I think my first mistake was on Thursday when I was feeling ok.  I got stuck into fixing our water problems.  I guess I had no choice as we needed water except I did it with gusto when I should have been recovering from Malaria – and it seems I wasn’t yet recovered, as that night it hit again.  Not the classic fevers but just a headache – and wow, what a headache.  Kath dragged me to the local hospital the next day where we had a surprisingly good experience (note for next time) getting a malaria test, which showed I still had a lot of the virus running around in me wreaking havoc…

The doctor put me on quinine to help the conventional malaria meds I was using… as of today, I think they are working but I am now left with the effects of the quinine… ringing in my ears and a headache (lower than the other one) added to the general after effects of malaria…

So it’s been a wonderful week really! In all seriousness though, the interesting part has been to be on the other end of the equation.  I think I have mentioned the importance of visiting people here when they are sick.  Well, this week I have been the one visited.  It’s been a humbling thing to have people visit you because you are sick but also learning how to receive visitors and then tell them that you need to go back inside and rest has also been a challenge! I’ve had some people visit me everyday, some who cant really walk get lifts so they can visit and the chief of the village as well.  I’ve also learnt its important to met people know when you are sick as people get a bit ticked off if they found out you were sick and they didn’t get a chance to visit!

So what do I get out of this week – I’ve got to gain some stuff from it… I certainly haven’t done anything! I’ve learnt some cultural things, I’m trying to learn to rest properly before trying to get going again… but mostly Ive had it confirmed to me is that malaria sucks.  It is just suck a debilitating disease that people have to live with the treat of everyday.  We have access to prophylaxis which works most of the time but people here don’t.  They also don’t have access to drugs on hand or a car to go to the hospital. People die of this all the time in our village. Whenever you see a breakthrough on a Malaria vaccine, get excited… it will change this place.

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  1. Hi there! Yeah Malaria sucks. Quinine is a bit dodgy when injected or if the dose is too high or if it is used for an extended period. The local doctors all swear by it but actually most malarias are resistant to it. Artemisinin / Lumifantrine Combination, known as RA and pronounced in Malawi: RA is 100% effective and pushed hard by the WHO. Hopefully you are on to it. It is unpopular for the most part because patients tend to feel worse before they feel better. That’s because of the body’s immune response kicking in because of the vast number of dead protazoa in the blood stream all at once owing to the efficacy of the combo. It is only for treatment and not for prophylaxis. Malaria, is caused by a protozoan, not a virus. I hope they didn’t see a lot of virus when they checked your blood or it could be something else. Yikes. Sorry about that… There goes Jim again playing smarty pants. Sorry! We wish we could be there. Enjoy the temporary slow down.
    Hey! How’s your eye?? Is that completely healed now? Hope so. Take care and God bless,


    1. Hi there – yes, virus is the wrong terminology. Ive been on two lots of Coartum so the doctor gave me the quinine to bolstor the second lot of coartum that I was taking… hopefully it all works!


      1. Wow! That sounds like one stubborn case! We’ll be in prayer for you about that. Really neat to hear of the visitation you’ve been getting. You are both great writers! Peace and Joy to you both.

      2. Can sympathise .Know and can feel what you are feeling 😰Have both felt like that .Rest and make the most of the visits as you can .Be a blessing to those you have ALREADY blessed. We will be praying.We have just returned from Kununurra voluteering with HCJB or Reach beyond as its now called. A wonderful experience Nearly as good as our Mozambique one🤗

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