Ramadan is done

You may have noticed that many people over the last month were participating in ramadan.  Depending on where you were in the world you may have noticed more or less – certainly in our village it was the talk of the town.  If you’re not aware, it is a month of fasting observed by Muslims to commemorate the believed first revelation of the Quran to Mohammad.

In our part of the world most people observe ramadan – it involves no eating or drinking in the daylight hours.  It is really tough, especially the no drinking part, and we found that there is a general lethargy around the traps as the afternoon wears on and people wait for sundown to break their fast.

We found that it was a great time to discuss things of depth with people and to connect on spiritual ideas. We got to discuss what people believed about God, Jesus and to share stories from the Bible.

Preparation for the final prayers on the last day of Ramadan

My biggest takeaway from the month is the sense that people here have a hunger for God, and they use the information and culture they have, as best they can, to approach God. I continue to pray and hope that as we interact more with people they may come to know more of the Jesus that even the Quran speaks of and be open to a bigger idea of him through the Gospels.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how God uses something that seems so “opposite” to the Gospel to provide opportunities to talk to people about the Gospel! Praise God! Will ne praying for more opportunities xx

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