My best friend’s husband bought me flowers last week!

I think she was quite jealous! But there was a good reason for it. Read on for our very first “Guest Blogger” post and hear the other side of the I’ll go put my shoes on… Part 2 story.

DJ’s side of the story…

Have you ever felt that one thing after another seems to be going wrong and you just wish something would go right for once??  Well, that was where I was at a couple of weekends ago and just to make things even dandier – I lost my wedding ring.  While losing a wedding ring is enough to make anybody feel down, all the other little issues that I had been stewing about were pretty minor in the scheme of things.  After all, who hasn’t had times where they’d rather be doing something different for a job, or you wished you could just watch the news (or Oprah – if that is your thing) in peace.  As ridiculous as it sounds I was neglecting to thank God for the many blessing I enjoy every day, and I was dwelling on a few minor irritations common to most of us. 

Because of this I was throwing myself a pretty good pity party.  The trouble with parties is that you can end up annoying the neighbors, and unfortunately in this case those around me probably weren’t enjoying the celebrations!!

I soon realized that I needed to confess a few things, like how I’d been treating those closest to me and for my wrong expectations of what God should be doing to make my life easier.    I had to come to the point of acknowledging that maybe it wasn’t part of His plan that my ring be found, or to have the perfect work environment and to have every aspect of life sorted nicely.  I had to trust that His grace would be sufficient for me regardless of my circumstances.

It was during this time of confession and getting right with God that I sensed that I needed to text Kath asking her to check Jack’s Auskick bag for the ring.  It wasn’t in there, but it prompted Kath to offer to go look for it.  I told her not to bother as I wasn’t even sure I’d lost it at the oval.  But God had a plan, and he loves to use willing participants in fulfilling those plans. 

For some reason I didn’t feel compelled to continue looking for it, after all it was like looking for a needle in a haystack and not even knowing which haystack to look in first!!   But, as Kath explained, she did have a strong sense of God prompting her to get her new spotty “splashing boots” on, even when it didn’t make a lot of sense to do so!!  

Well, we all know what happened from there.    I had focused my search on the very spot that Kath found the ring, but didn’t find it.  I reckon God meant for Kath to find the ring.

I know I didn’t get the ring back because I deserved it or had the right amount of faith or named it and claimed it.  It was entirely by the grace of God.

While I obviously praise God that Kath found my ring, I also thank Him that I lost it for a while.  It taught me much about the value of keeping short accounts and my need to find my satisfaction in God himself.   Does that mean that I feel that I’ve got all that sussed now??  Absolutely not, this is very much a work in progress for me.

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