Thanks God!

A few really awesome things have happened over the last few weeks.  I am so thankful to God that…

1) …we survived 10 days of Transition Training, I think we could even say we thrived. Well the kids sure did. They were so well behaved, I couldn’t be prouder of them. Thanks Sezy for the cute photo!

2) …Ayla is coming to Mozambique to teach the kids for 18 months! We got to spend the last 10 days together and I could honestly not think  of a better person for the job!

3) …Sydney’s blocked tear duct seems to have unblocked itself! Our specialist appointment is in 3 days time and now I don’t know whether or not to take her?!?! What a great dilemma to have! Check these out!


4) …I had a blocked duct for three days last week. It was red, hot and very sore. I was so worried I was going to get mastitis for the 7th or 8th time! But I didn’t. Woohoo! So great. I am so grateful. Yippee

Picture not available 🙂

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