Jack & Tilly’s new room

It’s a work in progress but the kids are pretty stoked with their new room…

Tilly’s bed – she’s stoked cos she’s got a “princess thing” and it’s purple – Bless her!

Farewell messages from Aunty Liz – our only decorations until we pick up our boxes next week.

Jack’s bed – it took him a few nights to get used to all the different noises but he’s doing ok now. He yelled out to me at 930 one night “I’m getting used to it now Mum!” and he’s been ok since then 🙂

They are settling in so well! Jack has made heaps of friends and LOVES having heaps of space and time to play footy outside and jump on the tramp. Tilly is really missing her mates (Scarlett & Georgia – she loves you!) but she’s doing really well most of the time.

To be continued…


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