Life lessons in Lichinga #1

Cam here…

In honour of a blog I regularly read ( I present a “bullet post” of lessons I have learned in Lichinga. The bullets save me from have to form proper sentences or paragraphs…

– the first one has already been publicised but possibly one of my biggest lessons in life yet and everyone can learn from it. Don’t, as in never, try to make fish sauce yourself. There are people who specialize in this at “Maggie”. Let them do it and get someone to post some to you if it is really necessary. Fish essence is not a realm to get creative in.

– when working with a new drill bit on dodgy wood at ground level in thongs and your brain says, “this would make a mess of my foot if I slipped now and drilled my foot”, listen to it because your brain is right.

– when “talking” to people in a language you know very little of, stop nodding and saying “mmmm” when you have no idea what you are agreeing to.

– when you’re wondering why you Internet hasn’t been working for days, maybe go and pay the bill.

– buying 5kg of dry beans when you don’t know if they are good ones is not a great idea… Especially when you cook them for 8 hours after soaking and they are still a bit hard (what am I going to do with them??).

– serving dinner with said beans after cooking them for about 30mins with tomato does not make for a great dish… Or happy digestive systems… For everyone…

– wives have this uncanny knack of articulating what needs to be said, at least mine does.

– when an opportunity to buy a velour Adidas track suit presents itself at the market, buy it even if it is too big…

– when going on a trip to another country to retrieve belongings from customs and you’re not really sure how many days it will take, take more undies than the minimum.

– guavas are sent directly from heaven.

– My wife could make a home anywhere. Give her a damp cave and a trip to Ikea and I reckon it would be homely in about 8 hours. Not that this is a damp cave, it’s very nice… And it’s even nicer now… You get my point.

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  1. Make little bean bags out of your beans… The kids can learn to juggle, or just use them fir fun throwing & catching games!! Bit of bright material & your awesome wife – bean bags in no time!!

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