Moving to the country!

It’s now officially official – we’re moving to Massangulo! We received the final lot of approval today from the Global Interaction office in Melbourne to build another house out there and the plan is that we’ll move straight in after we come back from our home assignment in January 2016.


Massangulo is located about 90km away from where we live at the moment. The road is atrocious (as you can see here and here) so it takes about 1 1/2 hours to get there and you need a pandadol and lie down when you arrive – but it’s totally worth it! In addition to being an incredibly beautiful part of Mozambique and already inhabited by some of our dearly loved teammates, it’s right in the heart of where rural Yawo people live.

IMG_7625Our house will be pretty much smack bang in the middle of the above picture.

A few years ago, Global Interaction purchased a big block of land out there, we finished off the first house last year and the Falconers have been busy establishing relationships since then. We’ll be building on the same bit of land so we’ve already been able to choose the site and start some preliminary works.


Boys and their toys! Thanks largely to Scott, there are still a few trees left standing!


Tilly had a go at slashing some grass (or playing golf? :-))


Bek the master grass cutter – could totally give up her day job to join the roadside crews!


The kids all had a ball helping out and sitting in various parts of the new house.


We’ve spent a fair bit of time in Massangulo getting to know the place better and getting out and about a little bit meeting our neighbours. Cam and Scott had a great meeting with one of the important officials down there last week and she was very supportive of us moving into the area.


So, yet another exciting journey begins! We are super blessed to have Jonny Lawrence volunteer to come and help us build the house. He’s a qualified Aussie builder who has done a heap of work for us in the past so he knows the ropes here in Mozambique really well. It takes a huge load off the team and means that at the end of it all… the house might actually stay standing.

Jon is volunteering and looking for some people to help him out financially. If you would like to do that, you can find all of his details in his latest newsletter – just click here.

If you’re interested in coming to help Jon out with the building – please let us know. There are a few teams already forming to come and help speed the process along.

We already have some funds for the house to get started but will be launching a fundraising project in the next couple of weeks to try to raise the rest of the funds. We’re looking to raise another 53, 500 USD to get the house completed. The project isn’t yet on the Global Interaction website – we’ll give you the link as soon as it’s available.

We’d really appreciate your prayers over the next few months as we start the building process, pack up to go on home assignment and keep everything else ticking along all at the same time.

God Bless,

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  1. Dear Kath
    Thanks a million for these pictures! Just in time for me to use during Mission Month! … and hopefully get everyone praying. God bless you all.

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